Wayne County, Mississippi


Waynesboro City Officials


Mayor -- Richard Johnson

Aldermen -- Tim Cochran, Ward 1; Albert Busby, Ward 2; Tammie K. Wilson, Ward 3; Michael Norsworthy, Ward 4; and Kevin Stevens, At-Large representative.

City Clerk -- Teresa Seawright

Deputy City Clerk/Human Resources Director -- Alisa Shoemake

Zoning/Code Enforcement -- Ken Roberts

Waynesboro's government is headquartered in the city hall building, which is located at 714 Wayne Street. To contact Waynesboro City Hall, call 601-735-4874.


Police Chief -- Oscar Lewis III

Waynesboro's law enforcement division is located at police headquarters, which is at 712 Wayne Street. To contact the Waynesboro Police Department (non-emergencies), call 601-735-3192. In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1.


Fire Chief -- Willard "Buster" Crocker

Deputy Fire Chief -- Scott Bunch

Waynesboro's fire protection division is located at the municipal fire station, which is located at 710 Wayne Street. The contact the Waynesboro Fire Department (non-emergencies), call 601-735-4346. In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1.


Public Works Director --

Waynesboro's public works division is headquartered at city hall, and the municipal work barn is located at the foot of Dan Parnell Drive (off South Street behind city hall). To contact the Waynesboro Public Works Department, call 601-735-4874.