District Attorney

District Attorney 2024-2028 Term

Kassie Coleman

P.O. Box 5172, Meridian, MS 39302
Office: 601-482-9759
Fax: 601-483-0085
Email: da10@lauderdalecounty.org

Wayne County’s District Attorney, who represents the state in Mississippi’s 10th Judicial District, serves as the lead prosecutor in cases involving Wayne County Circuit Court. The 10th District includes Wayne, Clarke, Lauderdale and Kemper counties.

The Office of the District Attorney prosecutes felony crimes, including: Murder, manslaughter, sex crimes, aggravated assault, arson, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, grand larceny, fraud, forgery, false pretenses, embezzlement, identity theft, felony DUI and drug crimes.

In addition, the DA handles court activities, including: Grand jury proceedings, victims’ assistance, bad checks, pre-trial intervention and revocations.

As a general rule, any crime that might constitute one or more years in jail is considered a felony. The District Attorney does not prosecute misdemeanor cases, such as speeding tickets or any civil matters.