Health Department-Wayne County office

Wayne County Health Department

Location: 1100-A Cedar Street, Waynesboro, MS 39367
Telephone: 601-735-2351
Appointment line: 855-767-0170
Office hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Health Department FYI

The Mississippi Department of Health operates offices in counties across the Magnolia State, including Wayne County, to provide a wide range of health-related services.

  • Free blood pressure and blood sugar checks. Staffers will check your blood pressure and blood sugar (glucose) at no cost to you. Keeping track of these two basic numbers can alert you to your risk of heart disease or diabetes. No appointment is necessary.
  • Testing and care for diseases. This includes: Breast cancer; cervical cancer; gonorrhea; HIV-AIDS (for HIV treatment, call 601-432-3066); pap testing; sexually-transmitted diseases; syphilis; and tuberculosis.
  • Pregnancy testing, birth control and family planning. This includes: Birth control; birth defects-genetic disorders counseling; family planning; IUDs; and pregnancy testing.
  • Assistance for mothers and infants. This includes: Medical support for babies and infants with special needs; nutritional assistance for mothers and infants (WIC); pregnancy and infant health assistance; and support for pregnant teens and teen mothers.
  • Immunizations and vaccinations. This includes: Chicken pox (varicella) shots for children; childhood and teen immunizations-vaccinations; COVID-19 vaccinations; Hepatitis B shots for children; measles, mumps and rubella shots for children; Mpox (monkeypox) vaccination; tetanus shots for children; and whooping cough (pertussis) shots for children and teens.

Health Department apps

MyChart — Make appointments, get test results immediately, and more when you sign up for MyChart.

Get MyChart help by calling 1-833-824-1527 or send an email to


MyIR — View and print official records of adult vaccinations and childhood immunizations.

About MyIR and how to get started

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