Fire Services

In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1 for assistance.

Wayne County Volunteer Fire Department

Wayne County’s unincorporated communities are served by the Wayne County Volunteer Fire Department Inc. — a single agency with 17 stations strategically located to protect lives, homes and property in a territory covering roughly 803 square miles in Southeast Mississippi.

The WCVFD offers fire protection and response services involving other disasters and emergencies that impact the residents of the community. The county fire service is always actively seeking local volunteers willing to serve in their community’s fire stations.

WCVFD stations include:

Buckatunna (Station No. 11) — 1678 U.S. Highway 45, Buckatunna, Mississippi.

Crossroads (Station No. 13) — 716 Chicora-Greene County Road, State Line, Mississippi.

Battles (Station No. 14) — 675 State Line-Battles Road, State Line, Mississippi.

Progress (Station No. 21) — 713 Denham-Progress Road, Buckatunna, Mississippi.

Denham (Station No. 22) — 612 County Lake-Denham Road, Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Matherville (Station No. 31) — 83 Matherville-Frost Bridge Road, Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Coyt (Station No. 32) — 656 Coyt Road, Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Hiwannee (Station No. 33) — 5834 Highway 45 North, Shubuta, Mississippi.

Yellow Creek (Station No 34) — 5 Old River Road, Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Beat Four (Station No. 41) — 5124 U.S. Highway 84 West, Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Eucutta (Station No. 42) — 398 Eucutta Road, Shubuta, Mississippi.

Pleasant Grove (Station No. 43) — 99 Old Highway 84 Loop Road, Laurel, Mississippi.

Maynor Creek (Station No. 44) — 1665 Reservoir Road, Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Clara (Station No. 51) — 2575 Mississippi Highway 63 South, Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Mulberry (Station No. 52) — 136 W.A. Pitts Road, Richton, Mississippi.

Strengthford (Station No. 53) — 4 Strengthford-Cooley Road, Laurel, Mississippi.

Central (Station No. 61) — 7828 Mississippi Highway 184 East, Waynesboro, Mississippi.

For additional, non-emergency information related to the Wayne County Volunteer Fire Department or how to become a volunteer firefighter, contact Fire Chief Al Harrison at 601-410-9557 or email

Waynesboro and State Line have fire departments in their respective corporate jurisdictions. The Wayne County Volunteer Fire Department has mutual aid agreements with both agencies to provide, when requested, assistance involving fire suppression and other emergency response on an as-needed basis.