Sheriff 2024-2028 Term

Sheriff Jerry “Juice” Mosley

Office: 601-735-3801
Fax: 601-735-6262
Address: Marvin Farrior Law Enforcement Complex, 613 Court Street, Waynesboro, MS 39367


Sheriff’s Responsibilities

The office of Wayne County Sheriff is filled through an at-large election and the individual chosen by voters serves a four-year term. A sheriff’s duties are far-reaching, but generally fall into two broad categories: Law enforcement and administrative. Law enforcement duties specifically seek “to keep the peace” with the duty to “quell riots, routs, affrays and unlawful assemblages, and to prevent lynchings and mob violence.”

Administrative duties for the sheriff are numerous, including serving as the county’s jailer and having charge of the courthouse and jail and of the premises belonging thereto.

The sheriff is charged with several book- and record-keeping duties, including serving as the county librarian. This requires the sheriff to keep the Mississippi Department Reports, census reports, statues of the state, the Mississippi Reports, digests and legislative journals assigned to his or her county in the courtroom of the courthouse. The sheriff must also keep books of every kind, maps, charts and other things that may be donated to the county by the state, the United States, individuals, or other sources. All the resources mentioned are not to be taken from the courthouse.

The sheriff must also keep a jail docket, “in which he or she shall note each warrant or mittimus by which any person shall be received into or placed in the jail of his county, entering the nature of the writ or warrant, by whom issued, the name of the prisoner, when received, the date of arrest and commitment, for what crime or other cause the party is imprisoned, and on what authority, how long the prisoner was so imprisoned, how released or discharged, and the warrant therefor or the receipt of the officer of the penitentiary when sent there.”

The sheriff is also required to keep an execution docket, in which “he shall note each execution received by him, specifying the names of all parties, the amount and date of the judgment, the court from which issued and when returnable, the amount of the costs, the date when the same was received, and all levies and other proceedings had thereon.”

For additional information related to the responsibilities of the Wayne County Sheriff from the County Government in Mississippi booklet, click HERE.